Third Coast Wines

Brand Strategy, Marketing, Corporate Identity, Branding, Packaging, Photography, Website Design

Third Coast Wines was founded by two Texans who met while working at Kosta Browne Winery. The two left their careers in oil (working as an engineer) and politics to follow their passion for wine. Their primary target audience was friends, family and several of their influential connections in Texas. They were clear that they wanted a large label with a focus on art. With the intent to sell exclusively direct-to-consumer they also wanted to break away from the typical hierarchy of the wine label.

Create a brand that was clean, orderly and professional, and a wine label that stands out as unique while helping tell their origin story.

The label is based on a photographic print that was made with motor oil and photography chemistry by Mary Diaz. The image provided a starting point for the founders’ to tell their stories and background. The label was printed with a spot high gloss UV varnish giving it a highly textural feel. The project has not officially been released at this time, but the initial feedback from pre-launch has been “beyond expectations.”